Bat surveys

Chris Long has a Natural England bat survey licence (CL18, Bat Survey Level 2). This means that Bombadil can legally carry out surveys of bat roosts.

We specialise in aerial tree roost surveys but also undertake building and activity survey work.

Bombadil's client list includes a number of large environmental companies and ecology consultancies as well as private individuals.

Aerial tree roost surveys

Surveying trees for bat roosts is our speciality. We work in teams of at least two climbers. All climbers have the NPTC CS38 tree climbing qualification and each team has at least one member with a bat licence.

We use endoscopes that can take pictures and video so that any evidence of bats can be recorded for inclusion in later reports.

Building and built structure surveys

Bombadil does surveys on buildings, bridges and other structures and is happy to take you through from the initial survey to submitting applications for Natural England mitigation licences.

Activity surveys

Dusk and dawn surveys and transect surveys can be carried out by us.


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