Other services

Here are some of the other ways in which Bombadil can help you look after your trees and hedges.

Hedge trimming, cutting and topping

We can carry out all aspects of hedge maintenance whether it's an annual trim or a major reduction.


If your garden has become too overgrown and you need to get it under control, we can clear it for you.

Ivy removal

Ivy growing on trees is not directly damaging to the tree's health unless it is very heavy and bushy growth. You may, however, prefer your trees to be ivy free and if so, we can strip the ivy away for you.

Formative pruning

Pruning of recently planted trees is key in helping them to grow well, have a good shape and become established.

Hedge Laying

This ancient way of managing hedges was originally designed to ensure the hedge was stock proof. As a side effect, the result is amazing to look at and provides habitat and foraging for a huge variety of wildlife.

Chris Long is an active member of the Surrey Hedge Laying group.

Stump grinding

If you would like to have stumps removed we can arrange for
them to be ground out, allowing you to replant and start again.


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